Welcome to Victory & Dominion World Outreach Center


Greetings my friends and welcome to the ministry of Victory & Dominion World Outreach Center. Since 1992, this ministry has been making a difference in the lives of men, women and children around the world.


This life changing ministry's website did not come into your life by chance. God ordained this moment to introduce you to his abundant grace, blessings and deliverance. This website is your supernatural connection to a God-ordained ministry that will empower you to live a life without limits.


As you become a ministry partner with Suzanne and I you will be encouraged to do as thousands have already done, and that is, move from trouble to triumph and from defeat to total victory. Through Jesus Christ, your life, your family, and your dreams can be completely restored.


I believe this is your day for a miracle. This is your season for the greatest breakthrough you've ever experienced. So don’t hesitate! Join us now and get ready to spread your wings and soar like an eagle.


In His Service,
Apostle Zebedee and Suzanne Sheppard


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